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Everyone deserves to live with respect, dignity and meaningfulness


What is Psychosocial Recovery Coaching?

A Psychosocial  Recovery Coach supports people with challenging mental health presentations, and more than often physical health limitations, to develop their social and psychological resources and allay psychological risk factors.

Our psychosocial resources and abilities include love, self-esteem, self-care, communication, emotional support, social integration, community access, a sense of belonging, mobility, trust, perceived sense of control,

vitality, meaningfulness and purpose.

When any one or more of these are significantly diminished we may experience anxiety, hopelessness, depression or suicidality.

A Psychosocial Recovery Coach collaborates with you to develop strategies, action plans and daily routines to help

maintain psychological equilibrium, build your life skills capacity and community integration.


Jeannette has been helping people of all ages, dealing with psychological challenges, mental and physical disabilities – and their families – for over 20 years. Her Psychosocial Recovery sessions offer a unique integrative counselling, coaching and

holistic mind-body approach. 


Her sessions combine three main elements;

the deeper self-exploratory processes of counselling to help voice and unravel your feelings and change unwanted behaviours and personal growth,

the more action-focused coaching practices to support sustainable lifestyle changes, as well as delivering strategies for  regulating emotions, managing moods – anxiety, depression and overwhelm and developing inner-settlement.



and make healthier choices in all spheres of life –

Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Relationships, Work, Purpose and Spirituality



They combine goal and solution-focused coaching practices with the deeper self-exploratory processes of counselling – making them a compassionate, practical and effective approach to bringing more space, balance, order, routine, simplicity, potential, expansion and opportunity to all spheres of your life, including:


Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Relationships, Work, Purpose and Spirituality  

We all benefit from bringing  balance, order, routine, simplicity, potential, expansion and opportunity to our lives. 

Life & Wellness Coaching is available via telephone or online video sessions globally, or Walk & Talk sessions in Mosman, Balmoral Beach, Cremorne Point or Centennial Park

We all benefit from bringing more balance, order, routine, simplicity,

potential, expansion and opportunity to our lives 

My Life & Wellness Coaching sessions are founded on the premise that

They are complimentary to medical treatment plans and

in no way seek to replace it

Life & Wellness Coaching is available as a singular session but is most beneficial when engaged in as a program of 3 – 10 sessions.

Life & Wellness Coaching supports you to clarify and achieve your personal, lifestyle, professional & wellness goals – to make peace with and rise above your past and current limitations.

They combine Neuroscience, Person & Soul Centred, Narrative & CBT approaches with Mind-Body Awareness practices, exercise, daily self-care and professional routines building, action plans & homework to help you:


  • Navigate & overcome the personal, social and professional impacts of anxiety and depression, illness, disease, accidents, trauma, grief, the loss of work, health, loved ones and security, as well as many other distressing life circumstances. 


  • Expand your body-mind connection, self-awareness, self-development & potential

  • Consolidate and achieve your health, personal & professional goals & aspirations

  • Boost your sense of health, wellbeing, vitality & purpose

  • Restore motivation, functionality, enthusiasm, sustainability & growth  

       and more

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Turn Your Problems into Opportunities


Connect with Jeannette to find out if her services can support you to

Embrace New Perspectives, New Behaviours - a New Life

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"It's futile to keep doing the same thing over and over and
expect different results"
~ Albert Einstein ~
I'm Passionate About Life & Wellness Coaching - It's Personal!

I've lived a big, adventurous, and some would say successful life – but I've also trodden many a hard yard. I've had more than my share of trials and tribulations including debilitating accidents leaving me in years of constant pain from the age of 13.

I've endured illness and disease - cancer, heart attacks, prolonged endocrine imbalance and osteoporosis, stress & anxiety and last but not least ‘screwy’ demoralising relationships.

I have learned to use my challenges and experiences to shape and re-shape and shift me into a life of love, vitality, purpose and power, to embrace my multi-dimensionality. But this is the road less travelled as even though we know we need to make changes it can be daunting and the support we crave is either inconsistent or unavailable.

Research and statistics indicate a significant correlation between the way we live and the diseases we get" (Dr. Grenfell). 

We often talk about lifestyle risk factor modifications in medicine, but we do not offer practical help to our patients  (Dr. Sam Kim). 


My coaching sessions bridge this gap by supporting you to incorporate achievable lifestyle related aspects of health and wellbeing into your daily lives – as well as practical personal development & professionally expansive action plans.

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Jeannette has an expert team of medical, allied and complimentary health professionals to refer you to when needed – ensuring you can access collaborative & holistic support on your journey to your next level – from dysfunction, illness & disease towards wellness, vitality & joy.



~Serge Benhayon 

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