Essentially everything is about relationships, whether they be about your relationship with yourself,  your partner, with others or with life ...


Learn to love your self FISRT -
then you can TRULY love OTHERS & allow others to TRULY love you

Jeannette's Relationships Counselling & Coaching sessions are founded on the premise that our primary relationship is always going to be the one we have with ourselves. The quality of this will determine the quality and the potential of all our other relationships. Therefore key to healthy, joyful & evolutionary relationships with others is to deepen the one with yourself.


Jeannette's Relationship Counselling sessions can help you to deepen your self-love, improve your self-care and to understand and heal your hurts, so that you are more able to allow the love within you out, and the love within others in.

They can support you to understand what triggers your reactions to others, to understand and shift unwanted and destructive dynamics within your relationships and replace them with love, compassion and joy.


They aim to support you to be able to stay true to yourself within all relationships instead of bursting into reactions or calibrating to others to avoid conflict or pain or to  simply fit in, whether what you are fitting in to is good for you or not.


We were on the rocks and now we are not! Now we have a deeper more loving connection to each other, more fun and more promise of a great future together that ever before.

I really didn't think it was possible to salvage our marriage and I had all but given up when my wife dragged me to Jeannette. I walked in thinking 'here we go, what a lot of crap' but as the session went on I started thinking 'she may be onto something here'.

Jeannette always seemed to hold us as equals which eventually disarmed our persistent blame game. It wasn't easy to admit but over time she helped us take responsibility for our own part in our issues. She helped us to be truthful with ourselves and with each other, to change our own behaviours  and bring understanding to why we each had these patterns in the first place.

If you want to save your relationship - see Jeannette

Barry &, Sydney

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew" 

Albert Einstein

Would you like to ... ?

  • improve and deepen your relationship with your partner

  • resolve conflict in your relationships

  • change unwanted relationship dynamics

  • increase togetherness & joy

  • develop more equality in your relationships

  • improve your communication style

  • improve friendships

  • connect to, honour and love yourself more

  • stop compromising your truth to either fit in or keep the peace

  • improve your dating experiences and success

  • separate from your partner with love,

  • separate without feeling blame and revenge

  • separate without hanging on


I highly recommend Jeannette for relationship counselling and coaching. She helped me completely turn around my relationship with myself, and then with my dating experiences right up until I met the man I am to marry. Now, if my beloved fiance' and I ever need counselling she will be the first person I call.

I was 32, I'd had a few longer relationships, a few years here and there but it seemed like I'd been dating for ever. I didn't think it was anything to do with me .. right! The guys were just too much 'this' or not enough 'that' and I was attracting the same 'commit-a-phobes' all the time and it wasn't fair .. right! I was losing confidence, anxious about feeling very unlovable.

Enter Jeannette and  began to realise I had no idea how to be myself on a date. So I had no idea how to be myself with my family, at work or anywhere. I was so used to trying to be loved, wanted or needed and bending myself to fit in that no-one ever met the real me.

Jeannette helped me understand that men were not rejecting the real me but they actually didn't want the fake me. Who could blame them .. right! She helped me to get in touch with myself, to express my ideas and desires without trying to be loved or wanted or needed. 

Thank you Jeannette for being so true to yourself and showing me how to be true to me. 

Alison, Sydney

Jeannette Singer

Healing Your Hurts is Possible - Change is Too ...

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