Bringing back the fun, love, intimacy and romance to your life 

Want to bust your sticking points to successful dating and relationship experiences?

I'm here to help you clear the way to meeting, attracting and holding on to romantic partners 

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I am as passionate about the realm of dating as much as I am about relationships

After all, a date is a relationship between you and another, even if short lived! 

I've spent many years on the dating scene and know how daunting, confronting and disappointing it can be. 

I also know how and wonderful it can be and I know how to  help you change terrible to fun and romantic.

Whether newly single, old hat at the dating game or even in a longer term relationship that needs spicing up

Private Coaching Sessions, Sydney based Meet Ups and global community Facebook Groups 

are great support if you want to meet, attract and hold onto romantic partners 

I can help you:

Identify and bust your blocks to successful dating and relationship experiences

 Improve your social and communication skills

Reclaim your confidence

Clarify your personal standards intentions 

Boost your ability to connect with either men or women

Put the fun and romance back into your lives

Explore the dos & don’ts about dating & relationships

Shift stale or unwanted dating and relationship routines 

 Pave the way to more love, joy, intimacy and meaning in your relationships 

"Jeannette offers really unique dating and relationship coaching sessions.

I thought I was going to learn how to be play the dating game which everyone else seemed to know except for me. Instead I ended up learning to be myself on a date which sounded weird but was honestly quite a relief.

 When Jeannette said let's 'put the fun back into dating' I was jaded and sceptical, but then we did.  She was very helpful with practical stuff too, like writing my dating profile, appropriate dressing for a date, conversation tips and good places to go. 

I'm still single but now okay with that, and open to a permanent relationship if the right one shows up - no more compromise. I highly recommend her dating coach sessions" ~ Macy Y. Hong Kong ~

Private Coaching &

Counselling Sessions

This is where I help you  unravel your old hurts, limiting fears, habits and emotional blocks to fulfilling dating experiences or longer-term romantic partnerships

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The Dating & Relationship

Chronicles Facebook Group

This is the space to connect with a global community for discussions about dating & relationships, informative bits and pieces and invitations to our webinars

The Dating & Relationship

Chronicles Meet Up Group

This a fun forum for sharing your thoughts, feelings, experiences,  tips and goals around dating and relationships with a supportive local community


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I am currently writing my first book called, 'The Dating Chronicles'

It's a collection of true stories from my five year stint as a serial dater, dotted with the honest reflections that each date revealed to me about me. It's about how I shifted and changed and grew in each of their reflections

It's a tale about my dance with the good, the bad, the ugly and the divine in search for what it means to love and be loved.

It's about how my wonderful partner and I found one another, what it all means, how you can do it too & beyond!


 enjoy my reflections through blogs and videos about

Relationships, Dating, Love & Change

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