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"Jeannette offers really unique dating sessions. I thought I was finally going to learn how to play the dating game, which everyone seemed to know except for me. Instead I ended up learning to be myself on a date, which sounded weird but which was honestly quite a relief. When Jeannette said 'let's put the fun and purpose back into dating' I was jaded and sceptical – but then we did.  She was very helpful with practical stuff too, like writing my dating profile, dressing for a date, communication tips and good places to go. I'm still single but now okay with that, and open to a permanent relationship if the right one shows up - no more compromise. I highly recommend Jeannette's dating sessions, they are a breath of fresh air." ~ Macy Y, Hong Kong 

During many years on the dating scene, my whole idea of dating flipped from horrendous and disappointing to fun, romantic and meaningful, and I became as passionate about the realm of dating as I am about relationships –

After all, a date is a relationship between you and another person, even if short lived.


I realised that potential for personal growth in dating is a thing – which I love. I realised and released and grew so much. I relinquished my agendas and expectations, raised my standards and willingness to flaunt my inner gorgeousness. So now I offer 'Dating Sessions' for men and women via phone, online or in person on the Gold Coast, Qld. Walk and Talk Dating Sessions are also available on the Gold Coast - locations to be agreed upon at time of booking.

Dating Sessions are for getting real about all things dating, romance, intimacy, sex, love and your relationship with these expressions. They offer you the opportunity for

  • Identifying and busting your blocks to successful dating and relationship experiences

  • Shifting stale, unwanted patterns to allow for more joy, intimacy, romance and love in your life

  • Deepening your relationship with YOU as a prelude to having enriching and meaningful dating and relationship experiences. 

  • Practicing bringing the true YOU to a date and not the false identities you have decided are 'acceptable' or 'desirable'.

  • Exploring how to meet someone, what it means to meet someone, and what it means to be met

  • Exploring the difference between intimacy and sex

  • Improving your social and communication skills

  • Clarifying your personal standards and intentions 

  • Exploring the dos & don’ts about dating


In a nutshell, Dating Sessions support you to meet, love and flaunt your

Super Sassy, Sexy and Sacred Self

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I've spent many years on the dating scene and know how daunting, confronting and disappointing it can be. 

I also know how wonderful it can be. 

Whether newly single, old hat at the dating game or even in a longer term relationship that needs spicing up

Private Coaching Sessions, Sydney based Meet Ups and global community Facebook Groups 

are great support if you want to meet, attract and hold onto romantic partners 

Connect with Jeannette to find out if her services can support you.

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