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Jeannette offers Counselling and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching  for NDIS clients

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching  #07_101_0106_6_3 - 

Improved Daily Living # - $156

What is the NDIS line item 04_160_0136_6_1?

This NDIS support item facilitates tailored individual participation in centre-based group activities. Offered during weekdays, it provides a structured environment where participants can join in social, educational, or recreational activities designed to foster personal growth and community integration.

Training For - $74.63 per hour Carers/Parents

Plan Partners description - This funding is for parents/carers in matters relating a persons disability and how to care for them.


Line Item NumberSupport Name

15_038_0117_1_3NDIS Training For Carers/Parents


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