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​LOVE IN ALL YOU DO" - Serge Benhayon

Jeannette Singer Goldberg's Wellness Coaching sessions support you to develop healthier relationships with yourself and your body by introducing practical self-loving choices into your daily life


Wellness Coaching is complimentary to medical treatment plans and in no way does it seek to replace them. It aims to help people consider that if they take responsibility for their health, if they make different more loving and supportive choices they will get different results - they will develop healthy bodies, improve their sense of self, and experience more fulfilling relationships and lives 

Time to realise your potential ...

Time to self-care ...

Time to de-clutter ...


A series of consultations that assist you to clarify and achieve personal, lifestyle, professional  & wellness goals 


Want to heal your hurts, free yourself from anxiety, overwhelm and harmful habits?

Want to reclaim your power and live life on your own terms?

I offer a safe professional space, a unique approach, and personalised keys to support you through your personal, mood, work, life and relationship challenges 

Developing Your relationship

with your body is key to Improving your health, vitality & generaL wellbeing

Research and statistics indicate a significant correlation between the way we live and the diseases we get" (Dr. Grenfell). 


We often talk about lifestyle and risk factor modifications in medicine, but we do not offer practical help to our patients  (Dr. Sam Kim) 

Jeannette Singer-Goldberg's Wellness Coaching bridges this gap by supporting you to incorporate lifestyle related aspects of wellness into your daily lives. Sometimes we know we need to make changes but it's daunting. Jeannette supports you to you make these daunting changes and embrace them as your new way of life. She encourages you to feel and acknowledge the benefits, to love them, want them and choose them 

"To the question of your life, you are the only answer. 

To the problems of your life, you are the only solution." 

Jo Coudert ~

Wellness Coaching offers a great support to people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and want to:


  • Improve and maintain their general health and wellbeing

  • Manage and support the healing of both physical and mental health challenges

  • Live with chronic illness and disease with more acceptance, empowerment, grace and ease


Jeannette offers a valuable holistic support for children, teens & adults who want to develop healthier lifestyle choices regarding:

  •  Diet & Weight Loss

  •  Self-Care - Physical and Psychological

  •  Relationship with your body

  •  Relationship with self  (and others)​

  •  Emotionality

  •  Work

  •  Exercise

  •  Sleep

  •  Meditation

When you learn to deepen our self-love, choose to expand our self-care and nurture yourself as the divine being that you are, you can move up from existing into the joy of to living. This is true for all of us whether in good health or are living with illness and disease

Do you know what is good for you & ignore it?

Do you know what is bad for you and override this knowing .. Time after timE?

When you learn to deepen our self-love, choose to expand our self-care and nurture yourself as the divine being that you are, you can move up from existing into the joy of to living. This is true for all of us whether in good health or are living with illness and disease

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Jeannette has an expert team of medical, allied health and complimentary health professionals that she will refer you to, ensuring the best collaborative support through illness and disease and a holistic support on your journey to wellness, vitality, self-acceptance and joy.

"The way we live is the best medicine" - Serge Benhayon 

Personal Development, Life & Lifestyle Coaching is delivered in series of consultations that assist you to clarify and achieve your personal and professional goals and aspirations.

Jeannette Singer-Goldberg empowers you to stretch beyond your comfort zone, to develop and embrace new perspectives, to overcome obstacles, to choose a way of being and a lifestyle that truly honours who you are in essence whilst supporting you to realise your ever evolving potential.

Jeannette  coached me through my Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change degree. I employed her because I am dyslexic and needed support to co-ordinate and organise my approach to study, boost my literacy skills and my capacity to assimilate and present information.  At first I struggled with reading, referencing, researching and constructing the assignments, not to mention processing all the personal issues that arose during the course on an on-going constant basis.

Through this process she not only supported me clearing my family issues and lack of confidence but gradually with her patience and non-judgemental approach helped me to grow and move forward. By the end of second year I was able to do most of my own research and started being able to organise the structure of assignments.

At the end of my degree I felt a new found enthusiasm for my place in the world, life and relationships. She supported me to feel confident about work opportunities and today I am in a loving relationship and offer services along the lines I intended when starting university.  

Jeannette was sensitive, allowed me my own timing to process but also seemed to intuitively know when to prompt me a little harder. I highly recommend Jeannette’s services as a life-coach, tutor and counsellor to help people develop academic personal and life path skills. She was reliable, consistent and congruent and it afforded me great comfort just knowing she was there these past few years


Dominic, Sydney

Jeannette Singer

Healing Your Hurts is Possible - Change is Too 


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