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Wellness & Life Coaching

Be Well | Live Well | Work & Play Well

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The Wellness Coaching Programs are offered as a series of  3 – 10 phone or online video sessions

Wellness Coaching is complimentary to medical treatment plans and in no way does it seek to replace them 


They unite solution-focused Life and Wellness Coaching practices with the deeper self-exploratory processes

of Counselling - making them a compassionate, inspiring and practical support if you are wanting to

make peace with and rise above your past and current limitations.

To consolidate and achieve your personal, goals and aspirations

They are a collaborative process between you and your coach to help you embrace new perspectives,

and overcome obstacles heal, learn from, and grow beyond your past and present circumstances.

They aim to boost your sense of health, wellbeing, potential, purpose and joy, to restore motivation,

resilience, functionality and enthusiasm for your future possibilities.

To navigate and overcome the personal, social and professional impacts of anxiety and depression, illness,

disease, accidents, trauma, grief, loss of work, health, loved ones and security, as well as 

                       many other distressing life circumstances.                                    


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New Perspectives ~ New Behaviours ~ New Life 

I've lived a big, adventurous, successful life but I've also trodden many a hard yard. I've had more than my share of trials and tribulations including debilitating accidents leaving me in years of constant pain from the age of 13.

I've endured illness and disease - cancer, heart attacks, prolonged endocrine imbalance and osteoporosis - and last but not least ‘screwy’ demoralising relationships.

It is my experience of allowing these challenges to shape and re-shape me into someone I now love who I am, who loves my life, my partner, my family, my tribe and my work.

It is for these reasons I am so passionate about my Wellness Programs - about helping you to highlight new perspectives, blow a fresh breeze over your old stories, change and develop new ways of being, living and relating.

Turn Your Problems into Opportunities

“Take the first step in faith –

you don’t have to see the whole staircase.”         

~ Martin Luther King ~

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