​“To the questions of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems in your life, you are the only solution” – Jo Coudert.


Personal Development, Life & Lifestyle Coaching is delivered in series of consultations that assist you to clarify and achieve your personal and professional goals and aspirations.

Jeannette Singer-Goldberg empowers you to stretch beyond your comfort zone, to develop and embrace new perspectives, to overcome obstacles, to choose a way of being and a lifestyle that truly honours who you are in essence whilst supporting you to realise your ever evolving potential.


Jeannette  coached me through my Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change degree. I employed her because I am dyslexic and needed support to co-ordinate and organise my approach to study, boost my literacy skills and my capacity to assimilate and present information.  At first I struggled with reading, referencing, researching and constructing the assignments, not to mention processing all the personal issues that arose during the course on an on-going constant basis.

Through this process she not only supported me clearing my family issues and lack of confidence but gradually with her patience and non-judgemental approach helped me to grow and move forward. By the end of second year I was able to do most of my own research and started being able to organise the structure of assignments.

At the end of my degree I felt a new found enthusiasm for my place in the world, life and relationships. She supported me to feel confident about work opportunities and today I am in a loving relationship and offer services along the lines I intended when starting university.  

Jeannette was sensitive, allowed me my own timing to process but also seemed to intuitively know when to prompt me a little harder. I highly recommend Jeannette’s services as a life-coach, tutor and counsellor to help people develop academic personal and life path skills. She was reliable, consistent and congruent and it afforded me great comfort just knowing she was there these past few years


Dominic, Sydney


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Clinic Location:  3A / 29 Newland St, Bondi Junction ~ Sydney ~ NSW ~ 2022


Telephone: 0404 951 396

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud became greater than the risk it took to blossom - Ais Anin

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