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Telehealth adn Online Counselling, Coaching, Somatic Therapy at The Art of Wellbeing with Jeannette Singer, Southport, Gold Coast.jpg

Online & Telehealth Sessions


If you find it difficult to attend clinic consults and more supportive, convenient or private to have sessions in the comfort of your own home or office – you can book a Telehealth or Online consult


Jeannette has delivered 1000's of Telehealth & Online Consultations over the past 6 years and find them especially helpful for people who are: 


  • Experiencing debilitating mental and physical health 

  • Time poor, eg: busy parents, corporates, etc

  • Needing to co-ordinate a conference call eg: families, staff, etc

  • Elderly

  • ​Lacking confidence

  • Wishing to remain anonymous

  • Living in remote areas

  • Needing national & international accessibility

  • Experiencing legal restrictions eg: Covid, correctional services 

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