Relationship & Couples Counselling

Because why settle for less 

Want to change painful relationship dynamics either at home, work or play?

I can help you to bring more intimacy, transparency, love understanding and joy to your relationships - 

tarting with the one with yourself?

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Our relationships should enrich our lives, and those of others - but all too often

they are the source of our deepest hurts, conflicts and anxieties

​In our sessions you will be met with fresh perspectives and personalised keys

to help you turn your negative relationship patterns inside out, upside down and round about 
until your relationships with your self and your others, with any one at all
- reflect and honour who you are and what you want,
because why settle for less!

If you'd like to let go of the past and start developing relationships that fulfil you 

relationships that enrich you  . . .  the relationships you know you deserve 

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""To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance." 
~ Oscar Wilde ~
The one relationship that determines the quality of all others, is the relationship you have with YOU . . . Heal and change this one, then you can heal and change all others . . .

"I recommend Jeannette for relationship counselling. She was amazing and so patient! Our sessions helped me completely turn around my relationship with myself and get over years of tragic dating experiences, right up until I met the man I am to marry. If my husband and I ever need help she will be the first person we call. Thank you Jeannette for being so comfortable being yourself and showing me how to be true to me - because look what happened at last!" Alison M. Sydney ~