Family counselling

Our deepest hurts and our most challenging relationships often occur within our family ...


Family Counselling with Jeannette Singer-Goldberg supports you to resolve emotionally charged immediate and long term relationship conflicts, communication issues & unwanted behaviours & patterns with your family

Jeannette's Family Counselling sessions can help you make sense of yourself, your relationships and your issues within the bigger picture context of your family system, your broader life experiences and significant cultural influences. It helps you raise awareness about the part each person plays (including you) in your conflicts, and to integrate practical changes to help shift your negative relationship dynamics whether within your family or with others.

What to expect

​Jeannette has a wealth of personal and professional experience about navigating and resolving a multitude of family issues and her dynamic 'family systems' approach provides the space for each family member to express their thoughts, feelings, concerns and insights, to feel heard, acknowledged and valued.

The process will consist of both group or individual sessions with various combinations of 1 or more family members, immediate and extended, sometimes with the whole family and at relevant times teachers or clergy are called inSometimes there it will be in your best interest to incorporate a home-visit into your program as wellJeannette will also assign practical 'homework' to give you the opportunity to test the results of the realisations and ideas you glean from your sessions by applying them in your day to day life. This ensures the integration of the therapy into your daily 'livingness' ​​

WHo can benefit

from family counselling?

There is no age limit upon the benefits of changing & healing our family relationships

It is supportive for anyone to heal their childhood hurts, deepen their connection to them self, their partners, children & family members. From these changes great benefits may extend to all your other relationships as well

Family Counselling helps you and your family to develop:

  • Sustainable Conflict Resolutions

  • Understanding and compassion for yourself & others 

  • Self -awareness

  • Understanding about your situation

  • Appreciation for yourself others 

  • ​Connection with self and others

  • Closeness

  • Togetherness

  • Equality

  • Unity

  • Respect

  • Loving & honouring relationships

  • Group harmony

       When Jeannette entered our home for the first time she carried a light, unimposing energy that every member of my family felt comfortable with. Jeannette was able to quickly build rapport with each of us naturally, without the usual awkwardness that accompanies these meetings. I found this very valuable as our 3 children (2 teenagers) immediately felt at ease and relaxed in her presence. Her assistance in supporting our family dynamics was imparted in a very sensitive and loving way. I, as a parent, never for one moment felt judged or as if I had done something wrong, her advice was very real, practical and doable and I loved the way her all inclusive approach supported each member equally. Jeannette possesses a maturity and wisdom that is hard to find. I would highly recommend her services to any family looking for more connection and harmony in their family home”   


Kate, Sydney

Jeannette Singer

Healing Your Hurts is Possible - Change is Too ...

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