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What people are saying 
about Jeannette

"Jeannette is one of the most exemplary people I've ever known: as a counsellor and as a colleague. She has an extraordinary, natural sense for precisely what a client needs in order to progress"


Personal Development

"After a program of counselling sessions with Jeannette I am experiencing much less anxiety and negativity. I now feel like I am absolutely rocking at work and nothing much is phasing me anymore"

Wellness Coaching

"I could not have got through my pain and depression without Jeannette. She has given me tools I can use everyday now. Nothing was a problem for her. I highly recommend Jeannette"

"I recommend Jeannette for relationship counselling. She helped me completely turn around my relationship with myself and with my dating experiences right up until I met the man I am to marry. If we ever need help she will be the first person we call"

Dating / Relationships

Couples Counselling

"If you want to save your relationship see Jeannette"

Personal Development

I just wanted to thank you for the way you supported me through my last ‘melt down’. What struck me most about our session was your absolute lack of judgment.

Phone Session B&W.jpg

"We were on the rocks and now we are not! Now we have a deeper more loving connection to each other, more fun and more promise of a great future together that ever before"

Couples Counselling


"Thank God we found Jeannette. When our third baby was born our lives turned to chaos ... we were all in a crazy cycle of conflict. Jeannette helped make our parenting and relationship disaster a thing of the past .. for now anyway"

Telephone Counselling

"I would highly recommend Jeannette's services to any family looking for more connection and harmony in their family home” 

Family Counselling


"I had no idea how to be myself on a date. Jeannette helped me understand that men were not rejecting the real me, they actually didn't want the fake me. She helped me to re-connect to myself, to express my ideas and desires with confidence, without trying to fit in and I began having some fun with my dates"

" When Jeannette said let's 'put the fun back into dating' I was jaded and sceptical, but then we did.  She was very helpful with practical stuff too, like writing my dating profile, dressing for a date and conversation tips and good places to go."



"Jeannette always held us as equals which eventually     disarmed our persistent blame game. It wasn't easy to admit but over time she helped us take responsibility for our own part in our issues and move forward"

Counselling / PD

"Thank you Jeannette for being so true to yourself and showing me how to be true to me"


"I didn't think it was possible, it was really tough - but I changed my mind about so many things around women and dating and relationships  and what I really want . Things seem much brighter now. 

Thank you Jeannette"

Dating / Change


"Jeannette was sensitive, allowed me my own timing to process but also seemed to intuitively know when to prompt me a little harder. I highly recommend Jeannette’s services as a life-coach, tutor and counsellor"

Counselling / Change

"Jeannette really helped me to change my life "from the inside out" as she kept saying. After a series of sessions and lots of 'homework' practicing 'being me' I feel better about myself, more equal in my relationship with my family and my partner"

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