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I'd been a bit of a mess, frustrated and really stuck in my family relationship stuff my whole life and with issues with my partner for years too. I was at my wits end when I saw Jeannette, full of anxiety and I lacked confidence and self-esteem. It felt like nothing made sense I didn't know who I was or what I wanted any more. I was afraid I was getting depressed.

I was very impressed with how intuitively she grasped the mixed up workings of my relationship with myself and helped me to understand that this was affecting all of my other relationships. I could even see how it was controlling my choices and ruining  my health and wellbeing.

Jeannette really helped me to change my life "from the inside out" as she kept saying.


After a series of sessions and lots of 'homework' practicing 'being me' I feel better about myself, more equal in my relationship with my family and my partner, even my 3 teenagers and 2 tweenies have started noticing that I exist and might have something worth sharing.


I can't thank or recommend Jeannette enough. She helped me save my life!  


Marcia Black, Indonesia 


Jeannette  coached me through my Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change degree. I employed her because I am dyslexic and needed support to co-ordinate and organise my approach to study, boost my literacy skills and my capacity to assimilate and present information.  At first I struggled with reading, referencing, researching and constructing the assignments, not to mention processing all the personal issues that arose during the course on an on-going constant basis.

Through this process she not only supported me clearing my family issues and lack of confidence but gradually with her patience and non-judgemental approach helped me to grow and move forward. By the end of second year I was able to do most of my own research and started being able to organise the structure of assignments.

At the end of my degree I felt a new found enthusiasm for my place in the world, life and relationships. She supported me to feel confident about work opportunities and today I am in a loving relationship and offer services along the lines I intended when starting university.  

Jeannette was sensitive, allowed me my own timing to process but also seemed to intuitively know when to prompt me a little harder. I highly recommend Jeannette’s services as a life-coach, tutor and counsellor to help people develop academic personal and life path skills. She was reliable, consistent and congruent and it afforded me great comfort just knowing she was there these past few years


Dominic, Sydney

​​I just wanted to thank you for the way you supported me through my last ‘melt down’. What struck me most about our session was your absolute lack of judgment. I became aware I was carrying a lot of self-directed judgment which was eliciting a level of shame I found difficult to deal with. With your unconditional support I found I was able to let go of my own judgment and become more honest with myself which ultimately led me to becoming very aware of exactly what was going on for me and therefore able to move on incredibly quickly. I was amazed at how clear and focused I felt the following day, everything became so simple and fluid. I will definitely be seeing you again if I need further support” 


Kate, Parramatta

We were on the rocks and now we are not! Now we have a deeper more loving connection to each other, more fun and more promise of a great future together that ever before.

I really didn't think it was possible to salvage our marriage and I had all but given up when my wife dragged me to Jeannette. I walked in thinking 'here we go, what a lot of crap' but as the session went on I started thinking 'she may be onto something here'.

Jeannette always seemed to hold us as equals which eventually disarmed our persistent blame game. It wasn't easy to admit but over time she helped us take responsibility for our own part in our issues. She helped us to be truthful with ourselves and with each other, to change our own behaviours  and bring understanding to why we each had these patterns in the first place.

If you want to save your relationship - see Jeannette

Barry &, Sydney


I recommend Jeannette for relationship counselling. She helped me completely turn around my relationship with myself, and with my dating experiences right up until I met the man I am to marry. If my fiance' and I ever need help she will be the first person we call.

I was 32, I'd never had a really long relationship, a year here and there maybe but it seemed like I'd been dating for ever. I didn't think it was anything to do with me .. right! The guys were just too much 'this' or not enough 'that' and I was attracting the same 'commit-a-phobes' all the time and it wasn't fair .. right! I was losing confidence, anxious about feeling very unlovable.

Enter Jeannette and  began to realise I had no idea how to be myself on a date. So I had no idea how to be myself with my family, at work or anywhere. I was so used to trying to be loved, wanted or needed and bending myself to fit in that no-one ever met the real me.

Jeannette helped me understand that men were not rejecting the real me but they actually didn't want the fake me. Who could blame them .. right! She helped me to get in touch with myself, to express my ideas and desires without trying to be loved or wanted or needed. 

Thank you Jeannette for being so true to yourself and showing me how to be true to me. 

Alison M, Sydney



I saw Jeannette about the overwhelm I was experiencing in my new role at work. Even though my manger said I was doing very well I was having incessant negative thoughts, not sleeping well and constantly in fear of not being good enough or capable of the job even though my manger said I was doing very well.

After a program of counselling sessions with Jeannette I am experiencing much less anxiety and negativity. I now feel like I am absolutely rocking at work and nothing much is phasing me anymore. I feel totally detached from the type of anxious or negative feelings I was previously overwhelmed by, even though I am still doing the same work at the same place at the same time. On top of that Jeannette gave me some tools to manage them if they come, which have worked a treat.

​I recommend counselling with Jeannette for anyone wanting to clear old fears and patterns from their bodies and from ruling their life.


Jean G, Castle Hill


Thank God we found Jeannette. After our baby was born our lives became chaos and my husband, myself and my two older step sons were all in a crazy cycle of conflict. Our house had become a battlefield. Jeannette helped us to step back from the chaos and conflict and to understand what was going on for us. We collaborated on some strategies for addressing everyone's problems and we developed new way of living together with our new addition to the family. We found the home visits particularly helpful and after only a couple of months our parenting and relationship disasters were a thing of the past .. for now anyway 


Andrea & Phillip, Cairns 


​Jeannette is one of the most exemplary people I've ever known: as a counsellor and as a colleague. She has an extraordinary, natural sense for precisely what a client needs in order to progress. She communicates this to you in understandable language that makes sense immediately. Jeannette enables you to feel like an equal partner in your own personal process, becoming empowered and confident in your way forwards. She is also organized, capable, multi-skilled with a range of modalities for individuals of all ages and groups, and works with a high level of care and integrity. She earns my highest respect and recommendation" -


Dianne Trussell Lismore


When Jeannette entered our home for the first time she carried a light, unimposing energy that every member of my family felt comfortable with. Jeannette was able to quickly build rapport with each of us naturally, without the usual awkwardness that accompanies these meetings. I found this very valuable as our 3 children (2 teenagers) immediately felt at ease and relaxed in her presence. Her assistance in supporting our family dynamics was imparted in a very sensitive and loving way. I, as a parent, never for one moment felt judged or as if I had done something wrong, her advice was very real, practical and doable and I loved the way her all inclusive approach supported each member equally. Jeannette possesses a maturity and wisdom that is hard to find. I would highly recommend her services to any family looking for more connection and harmony in their family home” 


Kate & Neville, Sydney

Jeannette Singer

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