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WHY I MEDITATE - There is no better feeling than being connected

The most exquisite feeling is total stillness in my body and mind,

when the anxious spinning within stops,

incessant thoughts and behaviours cease, my mind and body become one,

and I can breathe my own breath with rhythmic ease.

When I feel a deep sense of inner settlement.

When I become the observer and no matter what happens

I am not looking back, I am not looking forward – I am present in the moment.

Things just are what they are, I am where I am, and I accept it.

I am not buzzing with reactions, fears, worries or unrealistic expectations.

I know what is needed. I can focus.

I freely express.

When I feel connected, my mind and body in the same place at the same time.

I can connect to truth, to purpose. I am confident, inspired, resilient.

I trust myself, I trust others and life.

When I can listen to, and heed the messages from my body and surrender to its innate wisdom and healing powers.

When I live in connection, stillness, harmony and flow I feel taller,

lighter, healthier, present, powerful, and totally fit for life.

​I am open to new perspectives and embrace new behaviours.

I feel ready, willing and able for what comes next.

This is why I meditate!

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