Why We Meditate: Live Cool, Calm & Connected

Sometimes it feels like there is a battle raging like a storm inside of you. Something happens, no matter how big or small then 'whoosh' your armour is automatically triggered, you raise your sword and like a crazed transformer go to war without a second thought, without pause to consider another way. Sometimes the noise inside your head is so loud and scary and overwhelming that you forget the joy and meaning of being you.

But you are always there. However deeply buried under the frays of life’s battles, there remains your essence – the unharmed – the ‘unharmable’core of your being. The you that is connected to the universe, knows who you are, knows your beauty, light, wisdom, joy, knows the love you are, knows exactly how you would express in each moment – the ‘other you’ would just relax and get out of the way!

The 'other you' is the part who stumbles about in reaction to your experiences, to others, to life, to the world. It engages 'knee-jerk' or unconscious reactions to deal with your life, to protect your hurts, keep you comfortable in the familiar – even if your familiar is terribly uncomfortable – at least it is familiar! There is nothing scarier to the 'other you' – than the unknown, than change. It rages in defensiveness, stubbornness, aggression, force or powerlessness. It concedes and contracts, stammers, stutters and blusters. It is confused, full of pain and fear and calling for help yet contrarily driven in its desire to retain its grip, to stay it's devastating course.

Our expression usually swings though, sometimes flowing from our essence, sometimes not. The ratio shift in accord with out sense of awareness, steadiness, openness and connection in any given moment . To re-connect and remain connected to self is the primary reason why we meditate. We want our moments of anxiety, depression, confusion, and overwhelm to become less than our moments of connection. We want to replace anguish with a calm, connected clarity.

In meditation you give yourself space to connect to your essence, to spend time just being, breathing your own breath, feeling your body, the truth, your magnificence – to FEEL what’s really happening within your body, within your mind and within your life with a clarity that can only be attained in a state of conscious presence, that is - having your mind and body in the same place at the same time.

Meditation offers us sanctuary, like sitting in the eye of the storm - where chaos spins around you, outside of you, but not within. The inner essence is steady, unshakeable, all knowing, it is, and therefore knows how to be. Your essence remains alive inside despite the 'other you' The you that loves and identifies with the storm – the dramas, the pain, the successes and accolades and recognition and clings staunchly to its ideals and beliefs.

An important thing to remember is that meditation should not be used as an escape from the storm. It is to be used as a tool of connection, to connect body and mind into the same place at the same the time. To settle. Once you return to a state of being, a state of connectedness, clarity and settlement - the point is then to live it, to bring it into your daily activities, into your every movement and expression. To put down your swords and guns and knives, to stand empowered in your self and your life as much as possible.

To reset.

To allow yourself to be, to surrender to your magnificent essence and simply observe the rest without reaction.

To live COOL CALM AND CONNECTED is the aim. Not to escape into rare moments of respite.

This takes practice. It requires consistent re-booting, re-connecting - and as an consistent practice it offers us an ever-deepening journey back to inner stillness, harmony, joy, truth and love as our new 'normal'.

That is why we meditate.

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