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Connecting to your Super Sassy, Sexy, Smart & Sacred Self

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

You are going to hear me talk about your ‘Super Sassy, Sexy, Smart & Sacred Self’ a lot on my site, in my blogs & in my book. I’m going to talk about connecting to it, claiming it, sharing it unapologetically, flaunting it, and loving being you in all your amazingness.

So we are on the same page - here is what it means:

Super means – Totally, absolutely and completely.

Sassy - Joyful, open and honest, with a base of simplicity and pinch of humour.

Sexy - you know what that means - being confident and connected! As Audrey Hepburn

wisely stated, “Confidence is the sexiest outfit a woman can wear.” A man too I might add.

Smart – Intelligence that transcends desires, agendas and fear laced patterns, intelligence that streams from the Soul. This kind of smart allows others to be themselves, to be where they are at, and supports you to meet them there without judgment or a will to impose changes. True smart transforms knowledge into wisdom and calls others up to meet you there – and believe me they will - to the best of their ability - if you are smart enough to offer them the chance. True smart sets your marker for emotional intelligence compatibility.

Sacred - This refers to your connection with your own multi-dimensionally, naturally nurturing ways. Your sacredness sets the values and standards that you never forgo, but can shift as you deepen your love for yourself and others.

Self - Self means YOU! All aspects of the real you and your true expression

I look forward to walking beside you as we set sail on the next phase of letting go of what holds you back from bringing your Super Sassy, Sexy, Smart & Sacred Self out to the world.

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