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Dating: Building your YOU Muscles

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

Being YOU should be the easiest thing on Earth, however under the myriad of pressures that our life and cultural expectations load upon us - for many it is one of the hardest!

Nowhere is this conundrum more evident than in the dating and relationship arenas.

We all long to be met, for someone to ‘get us’, to love us for who we are, and yet how can this happen when we are hiding who we under a veil of pretence and protection, behind a fortress of ‘socially conceived pictures' of how we must be, to be acceptable and lovable.

When we get down to tin tacks the question loom; How can you possibly meet the man or woman of your dreams if the real you isn’t the one showing up to your date? How can you possibly develop a truly loving, intimate and purposeful relationship if you don’t liberate yourself from these 'pictures' and place your ‘YOU cards’ on the table?

The answer is - you can’t!

We are the proverbial onion, with many layers to peel back. We are the lotus flower of ancient scriptures with a thousand petals to unfold. Until we start peeling and unfolding, our inner imposter will be hijacking our dating and relationship experiences and debunking our opportunities for love and evolution.

The effects of the difficulty in being YOU, bleeds into all your relationships, as stands to reason.

It’s a tad scary, but necessary to consider that if not the truest version of yourself - then who exactly will your date be meeting? And visa versa! It’s like there are four people on your date, or in your relationship - the real you, the real other, and the fake one of each. This is not ideal to say the least!

On the inspiring flip side of the coin though, it is usually the fake versions of you who are doing the rejecting and being rejected - time and time again. It is not the true YOU. Phew!

For successful dating and relationship experiences there’s a foundational need to peel back the layers you ingeniously devised to fit into the demands of your particular societal niche. You must exercise your ‘YOU Muscles’.

Its tricky, it can be hard and even terrifying - but it’s so very worth it!

You will feel more connected, and more confident in who you are. You will know your worth, your power, claim your true skills and expressions. You will easily hold steady to your standards, and values. You will love, care for and honour yourself more deeply. You will feel more settled, open, honest and accepting of others.

You will know YOU are worth it!

If you learn how to use your dating life as a ‘Building Your YOU Muscles’ gym, as a way of shedding those extra kilos of old habits and false desires - it can be a hugely rewarding and expanding experience, not to mention your dates will be a lot more fun! And your relationships more loving and meaningful.

My Coaching Sessions and Groups are here to help you unveil the true you, settle into who you are, and practice flaunting your Super, Sassy, Sexy, Smart and Sacred Self.

If you’d like to find out how - call me for a FREE initial 15 minute consult, or simply dive in the deep end and book a session..

I look forward to meeting YOU!

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