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Hi I'm Jeannette,

I have a Counselling degree and 20+ years of professional experience but I consider my greatest credentials to be the love in my heart, my intuitive fire, the long and winding trail I’ve trodden and the wisdom gained from my lived experience. These are the foundations of my life and work.

Life is my greatest teacher

About Jeannette

Jeannette has worn many professional hats in her day; counsellor, coach, 'super-nanny', designer, de-clutterer, artist and writer.  No matter the details of the role they were all essentially about counselling, coaching, caring for and serving people. They were all about helping her clients blow a fresh breeze over their old patterns and stories, to heal, accept, change and evolve.


She works with men, women, couples, families and children of all ages, genders and cultural affiliations with a Human and Soul centred approach, in which everyone is held equal.

"Jeannette is one of the most exemplary people I've ever known: as a counsellor and as a colleague.

She has an extraordinary, natural sense for precisely what a client needs in order to progress" ~ D.T. - NSW ~

On a Personal Note

Life is our greatest  teacher

I've lived a big, adventurous life and I've done many a hard yard. I've had trials and tribulations, successes, failures, accidents, injuries, illnesses, anxieties and both grand and terrible relationships. These have shaped and re-shaped and tuned me up to the place where I now love who I am and my life. I am a devout 'Personal Development' devotee and lover of all things to do with love, so if its all about love, realising your potential, purpose and growth - I'm in. 


I'm interested in exploring our lifestyle as being our greatest form of medicine, including nutrition, exercise, sleep and nurturing practices to foster inner wellbeing. Amongst the things I most enjoy doing are painting, writing, studying philosophy and the workings of the Universe, walking in nature, swimming, cooking yummy healthy food to share with friends and family – as well as working with YOU.


My greatest joy however, is witnessing people re-connect with their essence.  There's nothing better!

Life is all about Relationships,

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I am living proof that
Healing our hurts is possible - 

That change is too

I am living proof that
It’s never too late to love and be loved 

Following 17 years of marriage, three more in a disastrous union, ten more wallowing in a knee jerk ‘happily single and celibate’ illusion, five of serial dating – plus loads of self-reflection and dedication to healing my old wounds, to changing my ways and, developing a loving relationship with myself – I finally met my perfect match -– and it was ME.  Then I met my ‘diamond in the haystack’ man who could walk alongside me as an equal.

This long and fraught trail to love taught me some fundamental 'need to know' keys about raising self-awareness, relationships, healing and growth.


These keys have not only changed my life, but my clients have been benefiting from this fresh and unique approach to personal development, healing and relationships ever since.


"Jeannette was sensitive, allowed me my own timing to process but also seemed to intuitively know when to prompt me a little harder. I highly recommend Jeannette’s services as a life-coach, tutor and counsellor."

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I'm looking forward to supporting you to be YOU and live life YOUR way.

Counselling & Coaching sessions are available by phone or Zoom
Walk & Talk sessions at Balmoral Beach, Cremorne Point, Centennial Park or by phone if more convenient.
MEET Jeannette the Writer

Writing is one of my  passions, I write anywhere – in the car, in the garden, at the beach, in the middle of washing the dishes – wherever inspiration strikes. I love writing about life and philosophy, love and the human experience which I have stared releasing via my blog.


I've also taken a big step up and am currently writing my first book called - The Dating Chronicles.  It's a tale about my dance with the good, the ugly and the divine during a five year stint as a serial dater in search for what it means to be love and be loved.  During this time I was clueless to the fact that my private collection of embarrassing anecdotes might wind up on anyone’s laptop – yet here we are.


The Dating Chronicles started as a mere skip through the muddied waters of my dating trails, but it soon developed into so much more. Under the cover of this cringe-worthy slice of my life is a multi-dimensional exploration into the profound evolutionary opportunities available within all relationships – including dating. And then some . . .

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