Daily Presence Meditation Programs

Observe ~ Allow ~ Surrender

Develop presence and connection with your self 

Build resilience, confidence & trust 

Still your body, focus your mind & restore mental clarity

Arrest incessant thoughts, worries & reactions​

Surrender to the innate intelligence &

healing powers of the body

Manage emotional and physical challenges,   

E.g: Anxiety, Depression, Anxiousness & Overwhelm

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Daily Presence Meditation is a practice, it's not a cure. The long term benefits of making this meditation part of your daily routine is that you will be able to take the ever-deepening qualities of connection, presence, clarity and stillness that you experience during your practice - into your daily life.

The Daily Presence Meditation includes three processes that support you to Observe, Allow and Surrender to the naturally gentle flow of your breath and to breathe from the

deepest intelligence of the body. 


Each of these processes can be shared as stand alone meditation practices,

or all three be combined into the Daily Presence Meditation. 

Sessions include discussions about the fundamentals of meditation, what is happening

for you in your life and what you would like to achieve from your sessions. There will be a guided meditation practice, followed by the opportunity to feed-back on your experience and

feel into how you could bring the benefits of this meditation into your daily activities.

Private Meditation Sessions run for 60 minutes and

it is recommended to commit to a series of them to help establish your practice.

You can enjoy Daily Presence Meditation sessions via a safe online platform, or by phone, so that you may deeply relax into the on-going benefits of the session within the comfort of your own space. 

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Healing Your Hurts is Possible - Change is Too 


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