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Anxiety: The Relationship Solution

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

My motto is: “Healing your Hurts is possible and Change is too” if you take the chance and make the space to start understanding what is really happening.

When you get to the truth of what your anxieties and overwhelm are trying to tell you – about YOU - it seems almost magical that pain, struggle and confusion transform into awareness, enthusiasm and inspiration.

It never ceases to amaze me how the most inspiring and potentially long lasting solutions are discovered lurking in our internal world. The outside world, to the contrary, ‘live-streams’ to us a surprising array of people and situations that trigger intense emotional reactions.

On the upside, if you know how to, it’s possible to use these triggers reflectively to get to the bottom of your core challenges.

To unearth your questions, answers and solutions you require the willingness and guidance to truthfully examine yourself; your ideals, beliefs and expectations, your behaviours and patterns, your limiting comfort zones and emotional reactions. You must be open to honestly explore how you think and feel, and towards where you direct your focus.

Anxiety and overwhelm are disrupting more and more of our lives and sadly becoming accepted as quite the norm for those ensnared in its grip. From years of experience working with people, (including myself) I have come to realise that anxiety and overwhelm, without exception, arouse when we don’t know how to handle a situation. Most interesting is that when deeply examined these situations, although seemingly disconnected, prove to be quite similar in essence. They have distinct patterns that give us clues to the underlying cause of our anxieties.

Are you battling with anxiety or overwhelm? Are you wondering why this is happening to you just when you’ve landed your dream job, or met the your perfect match, at last? You may be at a party, on the bus or doing something as simple as brushing your hair when, like a sniper laying in wait, anxiety strikes, or a perhaps song tips you into overwhelm.

Does anxiety come and go in your life at will and you can’t make heads or tails of why, or how to stop it? Does it seem triggered by what appear to be random scenarios?

Would you like to take the reins back from anxiety and reclaim control of your life?

I have found the solution to anxiety and overwhelm lies in understanding and shifting our relationships with ourselves, with others and life. When we get clarity around what is playing out in our relationships, we understand what we need to change. That is - we know what to do!

Armed with that knowing, we have the potential to unplug our anxieties. The really fascinating thing is that this approach seems to work whether we are discussing dating, work stresses, communication styles, self-worth or lack of confidence. Be it issues with your partners, spouses, families, or children, with work colleagues or your boss – all aspects of life fit in to the same pattern. Every aspect of life is determined by your relationship with it.

When you take stock of why you are reacting to people and situations, when you learn how to view the world as a giant mirror that is constantly reflecting to you what you need to learn, about yourself - then you can get to the bottom of what you need to change, how you can grow and personally develop – how to free yourself from anxiety and overwhelm.

The longer you practice using this approach to life, trust will blossom thus improving your capacity to:

  • Raise self-awareness

  • Shift your perspective

  • Change unwanted behaviours and patterns to more desirable ones

  • Understand your triggers to intense emotional reactions, anxiety and overwhelm

  • Arrest recurring emotional reactions, anxiety and overwhelm

  • Feel settled within, present and mindfully able to handle your life and relationships

  • Restore and deepen your sense of love, power, responsibility and purpose

The fact is, the quality and potential of your state of being, your relationships and life hinges on the quality of the relationship you have with yourself.

The key is to explore what all those annoying and hurtful or wonderful and loving people and situations reflect to you - about YOU.

This way you can disarm your triggers to recurring anxiety and seal the door on overwhelm.

Sound Simple? Yes!

Easy? Well - it takes practice and …

Sometimes a bit of support through the process!

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